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Dr. Goff’s office offers a variety of diagnostic testing services for our patients. This allows us to accurately diagnose our patients in a timely manner. It also allows to be proactive instead of reactive and assists with preventative care.

 We perform many diagnostic tests inside the office, as this provides many benefits for our patients. First and foremost, this makes our patients much more comfortable. Secondly, this allows us to take care of all aspects of health increases from start to finish. We can test, analyze and diagnose our patients right from our office. This allows our patients to get tested in-house instead of visiting a lab. Our testing covers a wide range including diabetic testing, cardio & pulmonary testing and abdominal testing. Our diagnostic medical tests include:

 Diabetic Testing:

  • Retinopathy
  • Sudoscan
  • Tonometer
  • Cardiovascular Profile (CVP)

  Other Diagnostic Testing services:

  •  Allergy Testing/Immunotherapy (weekly shots)
  • PFT -Pulmonary Function Test
  • CMET- Cardio Metabolic Stress Test
  • Resting Echo
  • Dopplers-Carotid, Venous, and Arterial
  • AAA- Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm Scans
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity
  • ABI- Ankle-Brachial Index Study
  • Posturography - Fall Prevention and Balance Testing
  • VNG – Videonystagmography Testing

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