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Executive Physical Specialist

Gary Goff MD

Internal Medicine located in Dallas, TX

In an age where doctors often spend less time with more patients due to the demands of the health care system, some are going the other way. For those with busy and overbooked lives, solutions are available to ensure that you still receive the full attention that your health needs. At the office of Gary E. Goff, MD, the highly trained team offer their patients the convenient option of an all-inclusive executive physical, along with follow-up treatment as needed. Call the Dallas office or go online today to learn more.

Executive Physical Q & A

What is an executive physical?

As today’s lives become busier and busier, it can be difficult to find the time to take care of your health. People often wait until problems develop when in reality, it would be quite a bit easier, cost-effective, and comfortable to practice sound preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine is medical care that seeks to find and address health issues early. For those that lead busy lives, fitting in doctor appointments can present a problem, as return visits are often necessary. An executive physical seeks to address this time constraint by providing a thorough, all-inclusive appointment that addresses your medical and preventive needs in a more time-effective manner, letting you get back to the important things in life.

What does an executive physical include?

An executive physical at the office of Gary E. Goff, MD, aims to provide you with an advanced level of service and a customized plan of care in a more convenient and time effective manner, freeing you up to do your work or spend your leisure hours how you wish. Dr. Goff and his team employ a thorough yet efficient approach, providing their executive patients with:

  • In-office or on-site appointments
  • A thorough evaluation of your medical history
  • Preventive screening for early disease detection
  • Weight and nutritional counseling
  • Diabetes, heart and disease treatment
  • Routine wellness visits
  • Specialist care coordination
  • Blood testing
  • Exams specific to male or female health

Your executive physical takes a few hours, and most results are available the same day. You will also receive a written report in the mail, along with follow-up consultations as needed to maintain optimal health.

Who should get an executive physical?

We are constantly making decisions about how to spend our time. While some enjoy a more leisurely pace, others have chosen to have full schedules and limited free time. When this is due to work demands, any time spent away from the job can lead to reduced productivity for them and their company.

In these situations, it can be often easy to put off routine health care and sound preventive medicine due to time constraints until a larger issue occurs. This is not optimal, both for the individual and the company since regular check-ups and routine medicine could prevent the issue in the first place.

An executive physical and follow-up care is for anyone seeking a higher level of service in a manner that fits into their schedule, allowing them to stay healthy while also using their time in the manner that they choose to.

To learn more about executive physicals at the office of Gary E. Goff, MD, call or go online now to schedule your first appointment.