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Diabetes and obesity are epidemics impacting millions of U.S. residents each year. According to the American Diabetes Association, over eight percent of the population has diabetes, and 79 million people exhibit pre-diabetic symptoms that put them at high risk for developing the disease. Managing diabetes and unhealthy weight gain is critical to avoiding severe, progressive health issues in the years to come.

Diabetes Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment

Diabetes is related to more than 230 thousand deaths each year. Most people with diabetes struggle with a spectrum of health complications, and may experience eye, kidney, heart, and nerve problems. Diabetes also puts patients at greater risk for stroke, heart attack, dental disease, and more. To reduce complication risk and maintain optimal health, patients with diabetes must work with a qualified physician to manage their disease.

Dr. Goff specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and management of diabetes. Working closely with you to develop sustainable diabetes treatment and maintenance plans, he helps patients stay one step ahead of their disease through the implementation of: 

  • Weight reduction programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Blood glucose control
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Medication management

Weight Loss Treatment

Dr. Goff understands that there is no single, “best program” for weight loss. Instead, treatment is tailored to the individual, and based upon your health history, medical condition, personal goals, and lifestyle requirements. Partnering with patients to develop sustainable eating habits, behavior modifications and exercise regimens, Dr. Goff offers real-life solutions rather than unhealthy gimmicks.

Depending upon your needs, your personalized weight loss program may include:

  • Comprehensive medical evaluation
  • Recommended dietary changes
  • Exercise & fitness plans
  • Follow-up visits & recommendations
  • Weight maintenance programs
  • Medication management, as needed
  • Bariatric surgery referrals

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Dr. Goff is your diabetes doctor in Dallas. To schedule diabetes screening or request an appointment to discuss a medical weight loss program with Dr. Goff, call 214.879.9966 today or contact us online. 

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