Allergy Testing & Treatment


Dr. Gary Goff’s office in Dallas Texas provides allergy testing & treatment for patients suffering from allergies and looking for relief. Our office has a dedicated testing technician that is trained to perform skin testing for allergies. This allergy testing process involves a prick test which is performed on the patient’s back to determine the most common allergens. From environmental allergens to food allergens, we provide a comprehensive test to our patients to ensure we provide the best treatment possible. The result from the patient’s reaction to the grid test is sent to the lab & evaluated. The lab will then create a shot recipe depending on the results from the allergy test. After the shot formula is created, it is shipped back to Dr. Goff’s office to start allergy shot treatment to reduce or eliminate an allergic reaction. We are your go to allergy specialists in the Dallas area.

Allergy Testing & Treatment Made Simple

Testing & treatment is made easy for our patient’s; a simple office visit is all that is needed. Prior to your allergy testing appointment, we will verify a patient’s insurance so the patient knows what kind of coverage their insurance will provide as allergy treatment continues. We will also provide information with regards to any additional costs that may be passed onto them such as copay and deductibles prior to treatment. Dallas allergy testing process:

  • Allergy Grid Test at Dr. Goff's Office
  • Grid Test Sent to Lab for Evaluation
  • Custom Shot Recipe Created for Patient
  • Results and Shot Formula Sent to Dr. Goff's Office
  • Patient Allergy Treatment Begins
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