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Influenza is a serious disease that varies in severity year to year. It affects everyone differently but can be especially risky for young children and older adults. For optimal protection against the flu, we recommend an annual flu shot before flu season begins in October. Even if you are unable to receive a flu shot before October, we recommend that you receive a flu shot during flu season (October to May) to prevent the spread of the flu. Don't wait to get your flu shot; Dr. Gary Goff's office administers flu shots in Dallas, TX. Book your appointment today!

Influenza Vaccine

It is important to receive an annual flu shot or Flu Vaccine because flu virus strains change constantly, and in response, physicians reformulate the vaccine year to year. Should you become infected with the flu, receiving a shot can lessen the severity of the illness. It also prevents the spread of the flu to young children and adults older than 65.

  • Influenza is a serious disease which can lead to hospitalization and even death. Each flu season affects people differently, so to control for the risk of infection, we recommend an annual flu shot before flu season (Generally  October – May)
    • Even if the flu does not affect you personally, your immunity helps prevent the spread of the flu to those who are immunocompromised and those older than 65 years old and young children
    • High circulation during October – May
    • Everyone 6 months or older should receive a flu shot annually. This is per the CDC’s recommendations
    • Makes your illness milder if you do get infected – reducing the risk of hospitalization / death
    • Important preventive tool for people with chronic health conditions such as diabetes and chronic lung disease
    • Why a flu shot every year? Body’s immune response changes every year, so a vaccine is used for optimal protection
      • Also: flu viruses change constantly, need to be updated annually and reviewed

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