How to Eat Healthy: Healthy Diet Tips & Portion Control

Eating healthy and portion control does not have to be difficult, it all starts with making a plan. Eating healthy not only helps you lose weight, in can also help you feel more energized, sleep better, feel great, and stabilize your mood. Dr. Goff and his of board certified experts have put together a list of healthy eating tips to help our patients maintain a balanced diet. Healthy eating is different for everyone, and depends on your age, gender, and family history, but following these tips should get you started on the right track when maintaining a balanced diet.

Make a Diet Plan

It is much easier to eat a balanced diet when you plan your daily meals and snacks. This helps you avoid unhealthy snacking habits and quick meals from fast food restaurants. Having healthy snacks with you on the go ensures that the busyness of everyday life does not hinder you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our staff recommends easy on the go-snacks such as dried fruit and nuts. Timing is also a factor when eating healthy. Dr. Goff recommends eating a balanced breakfast within 1 hour of waking up and also suggests avoiding late night eating.

A Balanced Diet Means Portion Control: Everything in Moderation

When maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nothing should be “off limits”, the key is keeping everything in moderation. Whatever it is that you crave, whether it be southern style fried chicken or flourless chocolate cake, keep these cravings in check by eating less of these foods less often. Additionally, for these unhealthy cravings, look for lower calorie options of your favorite foods. You’d be surprised at the lower calorie options that exist for many comfort foods such as mac and cheese, pizza, and mashed potatoes. Making sure you eat these unhealthy options in moderation will help you still satisfy your cravings, while still maintaining your balanced diet.

Portion control & moderation go hand in hand. Many restaurants these days serve up portions that are way too large and tempt you to eat more than you are hungry for. When eating out, order a to-go box when you place your order and save half of your food for later. This saves you both calories and money, allowing you to get 2 meals for the price of one!

What is a balanced diet?

Balanced diets consist of protein, whole grains, healthy fats, fruits and veggies. When choosing healthy carbs, look for whole wheat options. When choosing which fats to incorporate into your diet, look for healthy fats such as those found in nuts, avocado, and seeds. When shopping for fruits and veggies, eating healthy does not have to be expensive. The best rule of thumb to not break the bank is to combine fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Below are a few final healthy eating tips for the Dallas Community offered by Dr. Goff and his staff:

  • Drink water – it makes you feel full, helps avoid sugary & caloric drinks, and is great for your skin
  • Eating Healthy is a Lifestyle Change – think about changing what you buy at the grocery store, what you order at restaurants, and all of your day to day choices
  • Use Technology – there are many smart phone aps to help guide you through your daily diet & exercise regimen to keep you balanced and on track
  • Start Small – start by subbing out cream dressings for oil based, or sparkling water for your daily diet coke & see where it takes you!

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